Daily SPX/ES Actionable Trade Plan and Chart

Posted here every night will be a chart showing my exact levels and trade plan for the following day. With it will be included a several paragraphs of analysis explaining the levels, entry triggers I may be watching to enter trades the next day, as well as my “general lean” on what path price may follow. I also include extensive daily commentary on my process which includes the core setups I use, as well as my system for managing trades. This newsletter is intended to be both an actionable trade companion to help you plan trades, as well as an ongoing education. It can be used as a quick reference for those wanting levels or setups, or for those more ambitious, a platform to begin integrating my process into your own system for sustained, independent profitable trading.

In addition to this, at the bottom of each newsletter includes a detailed methodology section/FAQ outlining all major components of my system.

This is not meant to be an alert, signal, or specific trade service. It is my thoughts on how I am trading the upcoming day, with the hope you can use the content to develop your own process and help guide your trading decisions every day

Above chart was given on November 9th, 2022 correctly anticipating the massive CPI driven spike the following day


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I intend to take approximately 2 weeks off per year from the newsletter. It will occasionally be all at once and more typically, in smaller segments throughout the year. I give ample warning (several weeks) beforehand.

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